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Royal Library: Romance Competition

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  • Royal Library: Romance Competition

    Royal Library: Romance Competition

    The Royal Library is looking for new, original romance books to add to its inventory. Think you are up to the challenge? We will be taking book submissions for this category through the 28th day of the 10th moon at midnight.

    -- Submission Guidelines:

    * Must be writ in a book of 16 pages, filled front to back.

    * Each page must contain at least two paragraphs, or eight lines of conversation.

    * Must be appropriate in language and content, so as not to be offensive to members of the Court.

    * Must be sent to myself prior to the date and time listed above, otherwise it will not be counted toward the contest.

    * May be fiction or non-fiction, but we encourage works inspired by relationships in Castle Marrach.

    * Must be original. (OOC: No copy/pasting stories from elsewhere that do not belong to you, even with proper acknowledgement of the author.)

    -- Wondering what's in it for you?

    * A chance to win a grand prize including 200 Treasury coins and an exclusive meal with Her Majesty's Handmaidens (to be scheduled upon the winner being selected).

    * A chance to win a second place prize of 100 Treasury coins.

    * Get your romance story read aloud at a story bell by myself

    * Get your romance story promoted in the next edition of the Clocktower Herald.

    * Receive 10% off your next Treasury order (not to exceed a discount of 100 coins).

    * Receive a copy of your book bound in a fine material and an appropriate hue for the theme.

    We eagerly await your submissions. Should you have any questions about the rules, including what is considered appropriate content, you are welcome to write and ask.

    On behalf of the Royal Library,

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            This has been extended until the end of the first week in the eleventh moon. Do not forget to turn your story in.

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