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An Evening of Music: 22nd Day, 10th Moon 9LB

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  • An Evening of Music: 22nd Day, 10th Moon 9LB

    Honored Denizens of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Vivienne, and Castle Marrach:

    You are formally invited to an Evening of Music, hosted by the members of the Houses of Her Majesty, Lady Amoret, and Lord Mirshan. We are excited to announce that there will once again be an evening of music! Invitations have been sent out to the proper House contacts, however all Inner Bailey residents and Honored Guests shall be welcome.

    This evening will take place in the Royal Gardens, near the Ice Pond at nine late bells on the Twenty-Second Day of the Tenth Moon, Eighteenth YRA.

    The Evening of Music will showcase those of the Castle who are skilled in music, poetry, and song. Those who wish to perform before Her Royal Majesty and the Court must contact Mistress Adeline with your name, rank, and a sample of what you wish to perform. Should you have any questions, please contact Mistress Ezraella.

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    We are still seeking denizens to perform for Her Majesty and Her Winter Court.

    Honored Guest
    Royal Librarian
    Royal Purse Bearer
    Lead Apprentice Jeweler
    Handmaiden to Her Majesty
    Assistant Dean of the Royal Collegium