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Dust Bunny Mixer -- First Saturn's of the Moon

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  • Dust Bunny Mixer -- First Saturn's of the Moon

    The Office of the Chroniclers invites denizens of Her Majesty's Realm Marrach, especially those newly reawakening, to the first moonly Dust Bunny Mixer, held on the first Saturn's Day of every Moon at seven late bells in the Chroniclers' office, located in the Clock Tower.

    This social gathering is especially designed to help re-introduce those awakening from long slumbers to the Keep. Come, have a chance to make new friends, ask questions, and enjoy an evening of company.

    Refreshments shall be provided, and one "Dust Bunny" will be declared the Dust Bunny of the Moon, with a special present gifted unto them.

    Anyone with questions or wishing to contribute to the Dust Bunny Mixer may contact me, sera Euphelia.

    Addendum: Should an event be planned for that evening (for example, the Ghost Ball conflicts), the Mixer shall be held on the following Saturn's evening.

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    This burgundy-bordered scroll has been affixed to the top of the pile with a small addendum.

    This event takes place tonight. Even if you yourself cannot come, please help spread the word of this small social event.

    sera Euphelia