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Organizations of Marrach series -- attention leaders

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  • Organizations of Marrach series -- attention leaders

    The Office of the Chronicler maintains a series of Chronicles, the Organizations of Marrach, to help new guests find information regarding the guilds, crafts, and offices of Castle Marrach, as well as preserve a record of organizations that have come and gone.

    Over the years, many changes have come to the organizations chronicled within this series, and with the surge of Re-Awakenings and new Awakenings, it is important we update this series to be a more accurate reflection of the Organizations of Marrach as they currently are.

    While in the next few weeks the Chroniclers will be reaching out to organizations, we are asking organization leaders to be proactive and contact us to arrange to update the series. By reaching out to us, organization leaders can ensure a more timely update of the series in regard to the organization he or she represents, and ensure they have an up-to-date recruitment tool to help bolster membership.

    Persons interested in assisting in the update of this project -- organization leaders or those appointed in the stead of organization leaders -- are asked to contact me, sera Euphelia.

    Thank you,
    sera Euphelia
    Senior Chronicler