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Ghost Ball Makeup Competition - 20th Day of the 10th Moon

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  • Ghost Ball Makeup Competition - 20th Day of the 10th Moon

    On behalf of Lady Sinvy and Simply Sin Cosmetics I would like to announce the annual Ghost Ball Makeup Competition.

    The contest will run from today until the 20th Day (ooc: 10/6/17-10/20/17)

    There will be 3 categories to submit custom Ghost Ball themed shades:

    Nail Lacquer

    Makeup comes in palettes with multiple shades - each submission should consist of five themed shades. (ooc: kohl can do: kohl-lined, khol-edged, kohled, etc)

    You may submit in all three categories or just one or two. Only one submission per category.


    Free palette/bottle of your winning design
    1 gold coin
    Your design available for purchase by denizens during the Ghost Ball

    All submissions are to be sent to Natasha

    Please write to Natasha if you have any questions

    Natasha Danaher
    Courtier in Her Majesty's Court
    Squire to Dame Galatea
    Cosmetic Consultant
    Apprentice in the Healers
    Apprentice in the Clothiers