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An Office of the Chroniclers project: The Chronicle of Happenings

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  • An Office of the Chroniclers project: The Chronicle of Happenings

    Of all the organizations of Castle Marrach, the Office of the Chronicler is one of the most resistant to giant, fundamental changes. However, in looking at our past and our future goals, we have realized some changes need to be made. It is for this reason that we are trying a new project, the Chronicle of Happenings, for the next three moons.

    The Chronicle of Happenings shall be posted every Sun's or Mon's days of the week, putting in bare detail the regular, day-to-day activities of the realm in the week before. These short-form chronicles, as we call them internally, are meant to inform without forcing chroniclers to burden themselves with making regular events of the realm appear new each time they are written.

    Major events, special occurences and otherwise noteworthy happenings will continue to be recorded in the traditional method, which we are calling long-form chronicles for the duration of this project.

    During these three moons, we ask that people of the realm take special care to review the Chronicle of Happenings and send their comments, criticisms and ideas about the project to us, through myself, sera Euphelia.

    During the three moons of the project, expect changes as we grow to fit the project's constraints and adjust those constraints where theory and practice meet and do not fit.

    Thank you, and enjoy!

    sera Euphelia
    Senior Chronicler