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    Whispered Rumors...

    OOC: Rumors are slippery things. Truths, half-truths, or out-right lies: who can tell? Nevertheless, they are good seeds for roleplay, so have fun.

    Want to spread a rumor? Give your plot a kick by spreading a juicy nugget of information (or misinformation) anonymously by simply typing: @rumor "[insert your rumor here]" in your parser.

    Please do not respond to rumors in this thread. Start a new thread if you want to comment on one of the posted rumors or - better yet - do it ICly in the game.
    -StoryPlotter Yuuta

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    What were Lieutenant Natasha and Mistress Theresa going on about that made Master Trisan so uncomfortable? I did not hear anything covert being said.

    I heard the saucy female servant and the bearded courier have been spending an awful lot of time together behind the stage curtains!

    Lieutenant Natasha was pushing her weight around with some bald stranger! Even going so far as to make him strip in front of members of the Inner Bailey!

    Watch out for stray golden apples! Prelinah was seen tossing them in various places, and their effects are... unpredictable.

    The Lord Chamberlain, Sir Launfal, has returned to the waking. And not a moment too soon! With an influx of returning and new guests this moon, he and his office are going to have their hands full updating records!

    Speaking of returning guests, did you get a load of that Masked Man? The man know as Lahderic told an elaborate story, acting the part of a man trapped under a sentient mask, while using the enchanted mask to goad individuals into reflecting on their own morality. It wasn't until threatened with a bewitching charge that he backed off, but the damage had been done. Many were left reflecting on their thoughts, but many more applauded the man's act. I heard the chroniclers even tried to recruit him!

    Rumor has it that Mistress Brook and Lieutenant Natasha have been courting in secret!

    What how you smile at sera Sofya, she might just fall in love with you.

    What was that talk in the courier station of people being "iced," anyway? Also, she sounded a little too excited when she insisted that loyalty to His Excellency is a great thing.

    I heard the Unity wants to resume Master Quilp's nude calendar! I wonder who would be first in line to pose?
    After all this time, does anyone really know how powerful Mallegra is? She does a great job hiding it. Perhaps the other fledgling sorcerers should take note.

    I wonder if Lord Boreas is aware that Lord Vestio was spreading information about His Highness's condition?
    Ser Rhomulus has become more and more difficult to understand, with that accent. I wonder if he's looking to invent a new language?

    Elora was heard talking about applying for the Inquisition position.

    Kobe has been telling the keep that the Prince is in a frozen dream state!

    Dame Hannah and Lieutenant Adahn appeared quite close, following the Dame reawakening. Is there an old flame being kindled?

    Apparently sera Roisine can also be known as ser Richard, according to some.

    Upon returning to the waking, sera Euphelia showed no contempt for Sir Howe becoming Dean of the Royal Collegium, and instead appeared relieved!

    Rumor has it that Her Majesty has been calling many of Her subjects from rest back to the waking, and the call has been heard by a great number. Old faces like Gareth, Ra'Dorcha, Sindale and Sir Darvius have been seen among the waking, just to name a few. Former speaker Jerisa, Dame Hannah, sera Isadora, and Master Aratan as well have been seen roaming the halls. There are a great many more waking every day, and one wonders what it could mean?

    Huzzah! Ser Gareth (or Gareth the Exile as he's been introducing himself) has been waking again, and regaling the keep with tales of yore. I even saw the Duke and Duchess of Rumiss in conversation with him recently.

    Some say that Sindale and Natasha are going to be a new "thing", while other murmur she coyly avoided his advcances.

    The Masked Man made a point to say that Euphelia "wears the pants" in the relationship with Master Aratan. Master Aratan did not argue.

    Want to have breakfast on the bridge? Sera Natasha has set a trend of holding the popular social on a regular!
    I wonder if Lord Boreas knows that Dame Hannah and Sir Darvius are welcoming ser Gareth, the Exile, so readily and publicly?

    I heard ser Mitsuko saying he likes to sniff the wrappings of the newly dawned! Suddenly the wrappings from the alter are also missing!

    Many saw The Masked Man, Lahderic, walk into the Garden Society office and order a single rose to be sent to Mistress Wilena! Despite warnings that she'd likely slit his throat before allowing herself to be wooed by him, the very next day they were seen having a cozy chat in the dining hall!

    Sera Elora was telling everyone that Lord Vestio does not want Lahderic finding out about his secrets, telling his servants that if they "played his game" they would be kicked from his House. I wonder what he's hiding?

    An old sorcerer has reawoken; which of them do you think is next? I bet the one with the harp.

    Lieutenant Adahn has been itching for a spar lately, so if you want practice head to him.

    I wonder why Lahderic never questioned Euphelia during his game? All I know is I saw him leaving the Clock Tower with her, looking rather flushed!

    Speaking of the Chroniclers, they've seen new life since sera Euphelia's return, with a few junior chroniclers brought into the fold and a number of chronicles being added to the records. It's always good to see history being recorded!

    Rumors are going around that Duke Lucus is recruiting members for the Conclave, like ser Rhomulus. Sera Sofya also expressed interest in "visiting below".

    Speaking of the Conclave, their presence has been visible once again, with the Duke and Duchess visiting often. In toe, Atmos and Seach, also repeated envoys to the surface, have been mingling with the Outer Bailey. I wonder if trade will begin between the duchy and the keep?

    Duchess Oriana has been holding a rather curious book, that some said had a odd glimmer about it. Perhaps a trick of light.

    With the waking of so many old and new guests, and the castle's halls and offices once again bustling with activity, the quiet of the keep has passed. Smiles and laughter, games and bells, all being enjoyed again within the bolstered populace. Each day is bringing a new surprise!

    -StoryPlotter Yuuta