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If you see a strange creature roaming....

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  • If you see a strange creature roaming....


    Her Highness, Princess Maeve has inadvertently lost some creatures from her book. They are all magical in nature and must be captured -without being injured.- They are mostly not threats, but may hurt you if they feel threatened.

    Her Highness will be -very upset- should they be harmed!

    Each creature has a phrase or something similar (perhaps a song, example below) which must be used to subdue them. They also each have a lure of some kind that can be used to befriend it and then coax it back into the book for safe keeping.

    Caticorn: Needs to be praised and worshiped, but can only interact with a pure virgin.
    Lunar Moth
    Shifty Squirrel.

    Also a Tooth Fairy: THIS ONE BITES. It also eats teeth. Approach with extreme caution.
    Maybe a Night Stalker
    *If you hear a low growl, and feel afraid, like the hair on your neck is standing up, and you're alone, please leave the area and find friends.

    SAMPLE pass phrase/song:

    "Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow, can you throw 'em over your shoulder like an unseelie soldier, do your ears, hang, low."

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    -recently shifted to the fore-

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      Possible Bait:

      The moth enjoys eating napkins, it would be easy to catch something it cant eat (i'd avoid paper packages and cloth pouches. Perhaps leather?)
      The baby fox, has four tails and is super adorable. I gave it a meatball that it played with and carried away.

      Lieutenant Adahn Macadre


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        The moth is attracted to shiny things.


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          Two new creatures were espied in the Refrectory this evening during ser Vaden's storytelling:

          (sketched below, in black ink, are a weasel-type creature with a scaly back and long feet, and a fat, shrunken elephant with blunted tusks, the body covered with what seem to be fuzzy tufts of hair

          The small elephant creature seems to have been wooed by sera Mirandda FeDorian with the passphrase-song sung by Her Highness, Princess Maeve, written in the post by Mistress Theresa.

          It seems possible that the passphrases are related somehow to the creature's features, as this small elephant does, indeed, have quite a wobbly disposition.

          Please be watchful for other heretofore unmentioned creatures.

          Sera Sofya