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Announcements from the Royal Treasury - Please Read

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  • Announcements from the Royal Treasury - Please Read

    Please review the list below for whom you can direct your missives to

    Any missives concerning Guild/House Treasurers - sera Miette
    Any missives concerning filing forms for events - Master Trisan
    Any missives concerning coin payment - Mistress Adeline
    Any orders for Treasury Items - sera Calamity
    Any missives concerning order details or payment for orders - Mistress Brook

    If you have any concerns or questions about any of the above or any issues with the Treasury over all they may be directed to myself.

    Groups/Guilds/Household Treasurers - ACTION NEEDED

    *****All groups, guilds, and households need to send sera Miette (or speak to her in person) a missive updating or confirming the Treasurer failure to do this will result in Treasury suspension for guild or group or house. You will have until the end of this moon to send word. Do this even if nothing has changed.****

    Treasury Forms - Helpful Tips

    - Any form sent in by anyone other than the group/house/guild LEADER or TREASURER will be discarded
    - Forms must have the correct event type listed - Please review the public posting HERE of event types and send further questions to the appropriate person above

    Item Orders - NEW PROCESS - costs and items can be fond HERE

    1. All orders shall be sent to sera Calamity
    2. If you have any questions about an order before you submit, review questions with Mistress Brook, THEN submit to sera Calamity
    3. You will receive a bill from Mistress Brook
    4. Send coins to Mistress Brook
    5. Once coin is received and order is approved by the Royal Treasurer the order will be sent to be crafted
    ** Note: This may take several weeks. Please be patient. If your order can not be completed after payment you will be refunded in full.
    *** Any questions on this process can be sent to Mistress Rayna

    While the Treasury very rarely does their work in the a public setting please be advised that the staff is working very hard every day to calculate and handle orders and questions. If at any time you have concerns with the Royal Treasury's work please send me a missive.