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  • Attention please

    In the coming days/weeks we will be hosting a castle wide treasure hunt. This will consist of prizes in packages hidden around the castle.
    Afterwards a social will be held for all who want to come enjoy a time of food, drink and friends..

    The prizes consist of toys with a few extra surprises scattered among the packages

    If you would like to donate something for this event -send them to myself.

    Please be mindful that these items must not be above a person's link/rank. - clothing items are not recommended

    Useful items such as pens, scarves, teas, candy, statuettes and of course toys are welcome..


    Keep in mind that others want to find items too.. If you find more than two packages--please share them..
    While these are yours to keep or trade--it is nice to allow others a chance to find these little treasures.

    Once you find your package/packages-- please notify myself of the number on your package. This is to let us know how many still remain hidden

    Most of all --have fun

    An announcement will be made the day before it begins

    Wishing you smiles and lots of fun

    In service for his Lordship--Lord Vestio

    Elora Winslet
    ~Elora Winslet~