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Teanga Tales with the Royal Library

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  • Teanga Tales with the Royal Library

    The Royal Library invites all interested members of the Winter Court as well as those commoners with access to venture to the tea room in the upper levels of the Royal Library for an evening of storytelling in Teanga.

    Come and enjoy the first chapter in the tale of Fionna the Innkeeper's daughter, who, though unassuming and quiet, becomes the agent of balance in the war that threatens to consume her home country.

    While the story will be read in Teanga, those not fluent in the twisting, liquid tongue of the fae will be glad to know readers with a Common translation shall be provided, allowing the reader to follow along and pick up missed bits of the language.

    While not a language lesson per se, those not completely fluent in Teanga may be able to learn a bit more of the language.

    The event begins at seven late bells every Thor's day evening, and light refreshments shall be served. Come ready to listen to the story of the Innkeeper's Daughter, with a new chapter revealed each week. Bring blankets, pillows, and anything you feel will be necessary to enjoy the tale in comfort.
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    Teanga Tales returns this evening at seven late bells in the Inner Bailey Library's reading room, with the reading of the second chapter: The Invading Prince. For those who have missed the first chapter, the Royal Library should have a copy, or you can speak with Euphelia to catch up!


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      This event (unfortunately) did not take place yesterday. It will return on the thirtieth day of the Eleventh Moon.


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        This event is postponed until tomorrow. I regret any inconvenience this may cause.


        OOC: a friend scored us tickets to a musical that's been sold out forever.


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          After a delay of some weeks, this even resumes this week at its usual time and place.

          Kind regards,
          sera Euphelia