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  • List of Active Groups and Guilds

    Writ this 13th day of the 11th Moon, 18th YRA.

    Honorable Denizens of Her Majesty's Glorious Castle,

    The Office of Royal Orders would like to take a moment to offer some clarification in regards to Guilds and Groups, their activity, and what makes them deemed active or inactive. For a quick overview, the list of active and inactive guilds and groups can be found
    1. Guilds require a Charter, an Active Sponsor, a Patron and a Leader (with members) in order to retain their charter and be considered an Active Guild.
    2. Crafting Groups are Sponsored by the Crown, in most cases the Leader is a courtier and by default, the Patron. Many of these groups have several members and are highly active in the Castle's daily dealings. Charters are not mandatory, though they are encouraged.
    3. An Inactive Guild cannot place orders for vestments or items; former members have no authority and may not make requests or orders on behalf of the inactive guild (see reason #1).
    4. Guild Rooms are not locked and keys changed unless by the order of the Lord Chamberlain or by Royal Command, the Office of Royal Orders will not do so - unless directed by the aforementioned.

    If you have a question about the above, you may speak to any member of the Chambers or attend an open bell.

    Chief Scribe of the Chambers, Lillian Grace.
    Lillian-Rose Annabella Grace (aka "Lilly")
    * Courtier
    * Royal Jeweler
    * Chief Scribe of the Chambers