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Open Bells: The Guild of the Awakened

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  • Open Bells: The Guild of the Awakened

    The Guild of the Awakened invites all guests, both new and established, to join them for
    refreshments in the Sunset Room every Woden's Day at four late bells.

    During this open bell, we will be glad to answer any questions from guests, including those
    from individuals interested in becoming an Awakener, or who wish to support the
    Guild of the Awakened without joining directly.

    Guests are always welcome with their questions, no matter the topic!

    This is an excellent opportunity, too, to learn a little bit about Castle Marrach's society,
    basic courtesy, and appropriate ways to express yourself!

    So please, join us every Woden's day at four late bells in the Sunset Room, just
    north of the Outer Bailey's gate courtyard, for fun!

    ((OOC: This is an event where new players can practice and learn to use the parser. Please be considerate!))

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    (Lifted to the fore).

    A quick note: this will start a bell late today.

    sera Anna
    Sr. Awakener
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      (Prominently shifted to the fore)


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        -Shifted once again to the front-

        Please note that these will resume the following week.

        OOC: I meant to start again today but RL interfered. Sorry.
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