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The Unity of the Arts presents: Music & Melody

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  • The Unity of the Arts presents: Music & Melody

    The Unity of the Arts invites all of Her Majesty's law-abiding denizens to join them for an afternoon of
    music every Saturn's day, Tiu's day and Thor's day at four late bells, by the fireside in the refectory.

    This free-form event is open to all musicians and vocalists who wish to perform, whether or not they are in
    the Unity of the Arts, members of the Winter Court, or commoners. Limited instruments may be
    on hand, but all musicians should bring their own or be ready to share amongst each other.

    Refreshments will be made available by the kitchens and the bar;
    a Royal Page will be on hand to serve those of the Winter Court.

    Musicians who wish to debut new works of music are encouraged to contact
    sera Anna, so she may arrange to promote the arrival of new tunes.

    Note: As an Outer Bailey event, at times music may take a bawdy turn.

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