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    Excellent news. Thanks to the efforts of Lady Hieronyma, Duchess Oriana, and Master Orson (with countless others who assisted them) the cure for the burning sickness has been delivered. We have started administering this cure to the patients, and just in time as we ran out of stew. The cure was delivered by Lady LaSpara at the 8th late bell.

    The cure was a two-part cure which included work from the Conservatory, with joint assistance with the Duchy of Rumiss, and a cave flower to help regress the damage, as well as an alchemy cure from Master Orson. The Garden Society, specifically Mistress Juliana, was instrumental in the healer’s work as well.

    The Healers wish to thank all those who assisted, of particular note:

    Ser Meoris
    Sera Taite

    Two individuals who are newer to the keep who kept a vigil over the sick and assisted them in many means. Their accomplishments and dedication to the care of the sick was admirable. They are, by no stretch of the imagination the only who have helped, as the list would be too long to establish. Thank you to all who helped make the soup, traveled to get the flowers, and assisted Master Orson with the ley-lines. Everyone who attended to help care, bring food, blankets, express concern, generated ideas, advocated, grew plants, communicated, networked, and do forth. To all those I have inadvertently left from this posting, please accept my humblest apologies.

    We are overwhelmed with the support we have received, and we will continue to administer the cure over the following days to the infirm and sick.

    Apprentice Quinlan Strader
    Apprentice to the Healers - Ser Quinlan

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    Add to ser Quinlan's list (My version)

    ser Mitsuko for lending us his couches.

    Mistress Adeline for the tour of the inner when ser Meoris and I needed some fresh air.

    Mistress Merrynn for the awesome work you did!

    Elmer because he always makes people smile

    The couriers for volunteering to be locked in the room with us and made life -so- much easier.

    I would actually like to thank ser Quinlan most of all. He led us all when we were making the amazing marrow stew, and not only that, acted quickly to ensure that those that were sick were safe by taking them to the inner hospital. His dedication to the cause and to the people that not only were sick, but also to those that were helping was most admirable.

    Thank you, ser Quinlan!
    Thank you, everyone!

    --- Sera Taite
    Taite Morrison
    - Seeker in Natura Balanus
    - Assistant Guild Leader of the Awakeners
    - Unity
    - Junior Page
    - Senior Seamstress
    - Battle Guild
    - Sculptor in the College of the Humanities


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      Regarding Mementos:

      Greetings good citizens,

      I apologize if you recieved a package with some strange part of the hydra with little explanation. If you received such a package (with an eyeball, horn, tongue, scales, or teeth) these are parts which were not retained to save for the Royal Army, Alchemists, or Healers. Each memento was given to you as a thanks from the Royal Healers who had these pieces. Many persons have various parts and if you prefer a different one I am sure you can seek out someone who has one and can trade.

      I am very sorry, again, for the lack of foresight which accompanied my eager actions to ensure people received a small memento of their continual efforts to preserve life of those affected.

      UPDATE: All persons, save Mistress Wilena have taken the cure and appear to be making a full recovery.

      - Signed with an impressive flourish,
      Apprentice to the Healers - Ser Quinlan