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  • For Those Wishing to Assist

    Castle Denizenry,

    Over the past few weeks many have come to me asking how they may be of assistance against the present threats the realm faces. In the interests of open communication, please be advised of the following:
    • Ser Pete has been placed in charge of overseeing the disposal of the hydra, so that its corpse can be of no further threat to passerby's.
    • Mistress Adeline has been asked to take charge of efforts to revive the fire elemental in the Royal Chapel, who was one the elven Champion Aysiah.
    • Ser Mitsuko has been tasked with organizing a group of scholars, historians and intellectuals to investigate the Black Knight and theorize on ways to combat her.
    • Commander Eeva is organizing the Rangers to patrol the mountain in search of the fire elementals said to be roaming the mountainside, or anything else that may be of note. (exclusive to rangers unless otherwise stated)
    • Captain Galatea and the Regular Army are working on means to combat the shadows and shadow marked who continue to threaten the realm.
    • Mistress Josie (with the Army) is preparing the efforts to cleanse the Avalon Glade and hopefully secure the Fairy Blossom that may be located within.

    Those of you wishing to volunteer your efforts should contact one of the above individuals in regards to their respective area of responsibility, or for questions on any of the above, contact myself.

    In Duty and Honour,
    Dame Galatea Raines
    Captain of the Queen's Regular Army
    "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."