Multiple Downtimes for All Games [Updated: Rest of Phase 1 Times]

Unfortunately, the whole computing world is facing a major crisis right now thanks to Intel and other major processors missing critical security flaws in their architecture. As a result, our ISP is doing a set of emergency updates to all of their hardware. We are getting about a day's notice on this, and we're told that they're going to need to patch each machine multiple times, which very inconveniently means multiple downtimes.

Our TEC and GR games have always been the most vulnerable to downtime, so I'm going to take the care to cleanly shutdown and restart those.

GR: Sunday, Midnight (all times are PT) DONE
TEC: Monday, 10PM

Expect the games to go down 10 minutes before the downtime, to be safe.

The other games tend to be cleaner, so I'm going to let them restart on their own:

Lovecraft: Monday, 9PM
Lazarus: Monday, 9PM
Web Site: Monday, 11PM [this will affect all logins & usage of the new TEC client]
TEC Client: Tuesday, 9PM
USERDB (site login): Tuesday night, midnight

The upgrade windows have all been less than 30 minutes to date, so you can expect games and/or services will be back up within 35-40 minutes of the hour.

I believe this is now a complete list of the first phase of updates, but there will be a second in the near future.

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Winter Festival and Winter Ball; 2/1/19YRA - 2/10/19YRA

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  • Winter Festival and Winter Ball; 2/1/19YRA - 2/10/19YRA

    On behalf of Her Ladyship Sinvy and Her Ladyship Amoret's Households, and in my duty as Mistress of Entertainments, we are pleased to announce the Winter Festival beginning on the 1st day of the 2nd moon and running through the 10th day of the 2nd moon. A full schedule can be found below and invitations will be sent out to Households shortly. Please be certain to place all clothing, jewelry and makeup orders in a timely fashion to ensure there is enough time to get your requests filled. Any changes to the times or hosts listed here will be posted as soon as we become aware of them, so please be sure to check back regularly so you don't miss out on any of the fun activities we have planned.

    We look forward to seeing and spending time with you!

    Mistress of Entertainments,

    Thors, 2/1: There will be a feast held in the Outer Bailey Theatre from 6 - 8 LB, and then another in the Inner Bailey Banquet Hall from 8 - 10 LB. We will eat and socialize while crafting crystal ornaments, decorative snowflakes and winter mosaics. Instructions on these activities will be provided at the time the events are held. HOST: Mistress Josie

    Freys, 2/2: We will hold cozy crafting sessions including scarf, mitten and blanket making along with crafting cards. A hot chocolate recipe contest will also take place followed by by a festive painting event. These many activities will occur in the Outer Bailey Bowlers Lounge from 3 LB - 11 LB. HOSTS: Mistresses Josie and Adeline

    Saturns, 2/3: We will hold the SNOWFLAKE SOIREE, a formal ball for Outer Bailey residents in the Outer Bailey Theatre from 7 LB - 10 LB. The chosen colors for this event are shades of blue and white with snowflakes as the overall theme. A gift exchange will occur during the social so attendees are encouraged to bring a gift to participate. Food, drink, music and games will be provided for your entertainment. HOSTS: Mistress Josie

    Suns, 2/4: We will hold a snow day which will include building snow forts in the Outer Bailey Gate Courtyard from 12 LB - 2 LB. Afterwards we will take a break by the bonfire from 3 LB - 4 LB and enjoy warm drinks. From 6 LB - 7 LB a snowball fight will commence in the same location with everyone adjourning to the Refectory at 7 LB to build a snowman toy. The evening will conclude with Yule stories and poems from 8 LB - 10 LB and we encourage anyone wishing to participate in story-telling or recitation to come with your material prepared in advance. HOSTS: Sera Isaria

    Moons, 2/5: We will engage in cookie creations and gingerbread house crafting in the Outer Bailey Refectory from 11 EB - 1 LB, and then again in the Inner Bailey Banquet Hall from 2 LB - 4 LB,. A Saucy Santa event will occur in the Outer Bailey Refectory from 7 LB - 9 LB in which denizens are encouraged to dress up in their favorite Yule-inspired outfit. We will sing Ho-Ho-Horrible carols (try to write one in advance!) and have fun with Naughty and Nice limericks. This night will conclude with cocktails and cigars in the Inner Bailey Banquet Hall from 10 LB - 12 EB, or until interest wanes. HOSTS: TBD

    Tuis, 2/6: This day will be centered around games with charades starting it off from 11 EB - 12 LB on the Middle Bridge. A Scavenger Hunt will follow in the Outer Bailey Theatre from 2 LB - 4 LB, and then another separately in the Inner Bailey Ballroom from 5 LB - 7 LB. Games of Penny Pot and/or Penny Poker will be run in the Outer Bailey Refectory from 7 LB - 8 LB, with the night concluding in poetry games from 8 LB - 9 LB on the Middle Bridge. HOSTS: TBD

    Wodens, 2/7: We will enjoy ice skating and a bonfire along with honey mallow crafting and marshmallow roasting in the Outer Bailey Courtyard from 11 EB - 2 LB, and then again at the Inner Bailey Ice Pond from 7 LB - 10 LB. Music and refreshments will be provided. HOSTS: Sera Isaria

    Thors, 2/8, Denizens are invited to enjoy a casual brunch and gift exchange in the Inner Bailey Banquet Hall from 11 EB - 1 LB. We encourage all attendees to come prepared with a gift to participate and swap. Later in the evening there will be dinner and a Yule story in the same location from 6 LB - 8 LB for those who wish to socialize and relax prior to sleep. HOSTS: TBD

    Freys, 2/9: A Candlelight Vigil will be held in the Inner Bailey Cathedral from 7 LB - 8 LB, and then in the Outer Bailey Shrine from 9 LB - 10 LB. All attendees will be given a candle to light in memory of someone who has departed or in observance of the year past. Positive thoughts and prayers for the Castle and each other will be encouraged at this time as we stand together in unity. HOSTS: Mistress Josie

    Saturns 2/10: Festivities will come to an end with the Black-Ice Winter Ball being held in the Avalon Ballroom from 6 LB - 9 LB (location may change). This is a formal event with a black and white Masquerade theme open to Inner Bailey residents. No costumes will be permitted -- only decorative masks -- with attendees being encouraged to dress in their finest wear. One of a kind foods and drinks will be provided along with music, poetry recitation, a few small games, and delightful company. As Her Majesty and His Excellency are expected to be in attendance all containers and weapons must be left in rooms unless otherwise permitted through job or station. HOSTS: Mistresses Josie and Adeline
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