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    Written this 11th Day of the 1st moon, 19YRA

    The Awakeners would like to welcome you to join our new weekly social in the Sunset Room on Frey's at 7 late. We will be serving drinks and snacks.

    All are welcome to bring game ideas, conversation topics and things they would like to share with others. Have a picture you finished painting, or you wrote a poem you would like to share? It's the perfect time to show off your work!

    All newly awakened and interested denizen are welcome to join us in the Sunset Room with questions. Please do not be afraid to ask.

    The social will run until interest wanes. The weekly social will run every Frey's at 7 late unless otherwise noted due to current events or other bells. If someone is wanting to hold a bell or social afterwards that we can migrate to when we are finished, please send me a scroll so I can make an announcement.

    Thank you to everyone for making the realm a wonderful place to be!
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    Written this 12th day of the first moon, 19YRA

    We are meeting in the Sunset Room this eve at 7 late.

    Thank you, and I hope everyone has a blessed day! Happy Frey's!

    *My side project - I'm trying to figure out what goes into a Reawakening gift bag. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I am also looking for people to help put a few together. If you have any ideas or would like to contribute, please send a scroll to Taite. Date and time will be determined at a later date.
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      Written this 19th day of the first moon, 19YRA

      Happy Frey's everyone!

      We will be meeting in the Sunset Room at 7 late this eve. I still have a box full of scrolls in my room, which means we haven't played charades in awhile! Since it's been so long since I wrote them, I'd be guessing as well.

      Join the fun!
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        Written this 26th day of the first moon, 19YRA

        Happy Frey's!!!
        We will be meeting in the Sunset Room at 7 late this eve! Feel free to bring a painting, poem or something you are working on! Be creative!

        Important Awakener Information!
        Next Moon at about this time the Awakeners will be hosting Ardor Day!
        *Details Coming Soon*
        For any guild or household who is interested in hosting an event for Ardor week and has not spoken with Master Morgenstern or Sera Anna, please send a scroll to one of them by Moon's day the 29th day of the first moon! Please include household/guild, event name, desired day of the week and best time. We understand people are partied out from the Winter Festival, so please keep all ideas fun and light.

        Thank you!

        Have a blessed day!


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          Written this 2nd day of the second moon, 19YRA

          HAPPY FREY'S!!!

          Due to the Winter Festival I will not be holding a social this week.

          Thank you

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