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Chancery Open Bells (Scribes/Prosecution)

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  • Chancery Open Bells (Scribes/Prosecution)

    Let it be known that every Thors day evening, from six late bells to seven late bells, the Office of Chancery (Prosecution/Scribes) will hold open bells to perform its services for the Castle populace.

    These services include:
    • information re: wills
    • filing of wills
    • will codicils
    In the future, we shall also be prepared to include other services, which include but are not limited to:
    • information re: civil weddings
    • information re: dissolution of civil unions (divorce)
    • information re: legal system as pertains to post-arrest
    • information re: Offices of Chancery (Prosecution Branch)
    At this time, we regret to note that while information regarding the Prosecution Branch of Chancery may be given at open bells, we are unable to accept applicants. Furthermore, these open bells only deal with the Prosecution branch of Chancery, which includes Prosecutors and Scribes. Inquiries for other branches, such as Inquisition or High Chancery, cannot be fielded.

    Current Office of Chancery members, prosecution branch, include:

    Adjunct-Prosecutor (Acting): sera Calamity
    Scribe of Chancery (Acting): ser Raoul
    Chirographer: sera Trysha

    Please note these open bells will be held in the Chancery Anteroom, located south of the dining hall in the Outer Bailey (through the slimmer door).

    In service,
    ser Raoul de Marché
    Scribe of Chancery (Acting)

    Note: This first day, the eleventh day of the First Moon, the open bell shall be from seven to eight late.

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    -lifted prominently-

    Please note that in the original posting, the rank of Adjunct-Prosecutor was meant to read Adjutant-Prosecutor. Let it also be known that effective immediately, DAME HANNAH joins sera Calamity in acting capacity within said rank.

    In service,
    ser Raoul de Marché
    Scribe of Chancery
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      This will begin at 5 late bells tonight in order to end early and not conflict with Mistress Josie's opening affairs of the Winter Festival.



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        We shall open the courthouse for a tour this evening during open bells. All who wish to come are welcome. This shall take place from six to seven late bells.



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          With regret, these are cancelled this evening.
          Merrynn Aduin-Banner
          Junior Equerry to Lady Amoret, Apprentice to the Healers, Carpenter


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            Many thanks to Mistress Merrynn, who took my urgent message and posted it at the very last minute. My sincere apologies to all who were looking forward to viewing the courtroom.

            To that end, I shall open it between four late bells and six late bells today, Frey's day, and again next Thor's day during regularly scheduled open bells.



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              Chancery shall host open bells as usual tonight at seven late bells. We are now in our office: through the slimmer door south of the dining hall, and through the south door again.

              - Raoul


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                The Chancery will open at the Sixth Late Bell this eve.

                Meoris Rousseau

                Bodyservant to His Excellency, Lord Boreas

                Head Librarian, Outer Bailey Library

                Junior Steward of the Treasury