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  • Reawakenings

    Written the 12th day of the first moon, 19YRA

    To all denizen who have fallen asleep for moons to years and have waken up.

    In an effort to help people who have awakened after sleeping, I have come up with the idea of making a gift bag for those that have reawakened.

    It's a good idea, and I could make it work, but I am going to need a little more information from those that have had that experience.

    If you could send me a scroll about your experience, it would help with the advancement of this project. Included, I would also like you to add things you felt you needed when you woke. Examples of this would be a bath or clothing. I know it's a big adjustment trying to learn what you missed and to try to relearn things you have forgotten. I would like to make an attempt to make things easier for future reawakenings.

    If someone could help, it would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Taite Morrison - Awakener
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    Taite Morrison
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