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  • [A Drawing Pinned to the Boards]

    [Pinned to the boards at top and bottom is a scroll bearing a questionable charcoal sketch. The vast majority of this sketch is essentially a formless mound of shaded lumps, likening to a butcher's midden. However, there are multiple spots where intended shapes have been drawn in varying detail. Near the middle part of the pile are two smaller shapes; one is an ermine, the other is a unified knot of five intersecting spheres. Two boots poke out from under the pile, the toes shaded smoothly as though metal. On the lower third, two straight pieces are left un-meaty; one a club, marked with an ermine, the other a scabbarded sword similarly marked. On the upper third, two protuberances are prominent. To the right of the page, the projection is looped by, perhaps wearing, a ring. On the page's left side, the out-jutting appendage is but stump. Near to the center of the top of this thing is a face. They eyes are oblong, but soft beneath an arching brow. A nose below seems to fit the idea of the heap better; it is just slightly crooked. The mouth is more firmly added, with thick lips pursed in concentration. Words are written along the bottom of the page, giving some modicum of explanation to this inexplicable creation: 'Tyr the Wall of Meat Shield'.]

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    Don't you people ever get tired of your pointless drawings and unsigned scrolls. Methinks you should find something to do with your life, but that's just my opinion.