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  • The Missing Chronicle Project

    Good denizens,
    Every few years, the Office of the Chronicler undertakes a special project. In the eighteenth year, we launched the Chronicle of Happenings, a (mostly) regularly weekly recounting of events in the keep. This Nineteenth Year, we will embark on another project, which we are calling the "Missing Chronicle Project." For this, we are in sincere need your help.

    Despite the valiant attempts of chroniclers both current and past, there have been events that have gone unrecorded, whether they are Royal Courts, valiant adventures, or unexpected situation. We are hoping the castle denizenry can help us make amends for these forgotten, missing chronicles.

    We are currently asking denizens to contact us, either by adding to the space on this scroll or by personal scroll to myself, events which have not been properly recorded. Once we have a list, we can start sending our chroniclers out to gather information about these forgotten chronicles, so they can at last be published and added to the record of history which we maintain.

    We thank everyone for their assistance.

    Mistress Euphelia
    Chronicler of the Court

    ------------ Current List ------------
    1. Arrival of King Auberich / Death of Jarrod
    2. Future Marrach / Queen Maeve
    3. A Royal Court from year 17 or 18.
    4. The Story of the Shabby Tabby
    5. Ennah's resurrection