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The Guild of the Awakened is proud to present...

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  • The Guild of the Awakened is proud to present...

    The Guild of the Awakened formally invites all of Her Royal Majesty's Guests to join them in celebrating the Nineteenth Year's Ardor Fest!

    Ardor Day, as its name suggests, is about zeal, enthusiasm and devotion to all those things we love in life, from the smallest pleasures to the epitome of the realm itself, Her Royal Majesty Queen Vivienne. Over this holiday, we celebrate this love by showing it in all manner of ways, whether a special token to a special friend or donating alms to the Guild of the Awakened for the betterment of the denizenry. It is a day specifically for acknowledging the friendship, the romance and the moments we cherish in our lives, and for expanding upon them to meet new friends.

    Held for the first time in the Seventh Year of Recent Awakenings, the festival has since been held in various forms nearly every year since inception. This year, the Guild of the Awakened pays homage to the Ardor Festival events of the past, but also launches its own. With no further ado, we present.... Ardor Fest, Year Nineteen, 02.28-03.02.

    (02.28) DAY ONE: The Definitions of Love

    Finding Love Scavenger Hunt
    3 LB-6 LB: Dining Hall

    Participants can participate in teams of two persons; those who wish to compete but do not have a partner may be 'sponsored' by a member of the Winter Court to participate as a soloist. This event is hosted by Senior Awakener, sera Anna. Members of the Winter Court who would wish to put forward their names as a sponsor for those who may not have a partner should write to sera Anna.

    A Winter Court Tournament
    8 LB: Royal Ballroom

    Open to the aristocrats of Castle Marrach: Courtiers, Knights, Nobles and Royals. Hosted by Guild of the Awakened patron, Mistress Isaria. See her (soon to come) posting for more information and how to register.

    03.01: DAY TWO: The Fight for Love

    Hearts & Crafts
    5-7 LB: Bowling Lounge

    Participants will be able to enjoy drink and arts of varied sorts during this evening. Music, painting, and perhaps a very special surprise are in store for those who join in. This event is hosted by Junior Awakener, sera Caillean.

    The Tournament of Linens
    7 LB: Outer Bailey Practice Hall

    Participants in this tournament must be guests or Honoured Guests of the realm. In addition to awards for the first and second place finishers, there is also a special award. Each attendee and competitor will be granted a ribbon favour, and extras will be available for purchase. The person with the most ribbons at the end wins the Hear of the People award. This event shall be hosted by Master Morgenstern, the Royal Awakener. Please register with him ASAP.


    The Candlelight Soiree
    7 LB: Outer Bailey Theatre

    The ultimate conclusion of the Ardor Fest is traditionally a ball, and this year shall be no different. The Candlelight Soiree is a formal Outer Bailey celebration, so all comers should dress in their finest and leave weapons at home. The aristocracy of Castle Marrach is also invited to come and join in these festivities if they so please. There will be music, dancing, and a special surprise.


    Starting with the posting of this announcement, the Guild of the Awakened will be accepting orders for special CANDY COURIERS. These special packages shall be delivered during the Candlelight Soiree (or, for those not in attendance, via normal courier the following day). There are three tiers of couriers that can be ordered, with three types each.

    The three types of gifts that can be delivered are platonic (suitable for a friend, sibling, or colleague whom you respect and love), flirtatious (one-sided love and affection), or romantic (suitable for individuals in a love-based relationship).

    Bronze Tier: FREE (limit two orders per person)
    Silver Tier: 10 coins/silver coin (no limit)
    Gold Tier: 50 coins/gold coin (no limit)

    Each package builds upon the previous tier, and contain items that reflect the type (platonic, flirtatious, or romantic) chosen. They can be sent with a personalized message and delivered anonymously if wished, though the Awakener will keep internal records until after the fest is over (at which time the records shall be purged). Persons wishing to make an order may do so by writing to or speaking with sera Anna.

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    -lifted to the fore-


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      We are so excited to remind all that this begins tomorrow! Thank you, all, for your candy courier orders! Don't forget to sign up for the Winter Court or Outer Bailey ardor tournaments!


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        With apologies, the scavenger hunt -must- be delayed. It shall be held this same time but now on Frey's day.

        Thank you kindly,

        ((OOC: I slipped, fell on ice and broke my wrist. Yay))


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          Thank you to all who have participated thus far! Congratulations to Doctor Dolph, who triumphed in the Winter Court's martial tournament. To date, we have received nearly sixty candy courier orders!

          Today, we are excited to present the Hearts and Crafts evening, complete with art, music, and COOKIES! This starts at five late in the bowling lounge.

          Afterwards, head to the Outer Bailey Practice Hall to see the valiant men and women of the Outer Bailey fight for love in all its form in the Tournament of Linens.

          Candy Courier orders are still being accepted. Enjoy the special Thor's Day special -- order two golds and get a silver at half cost.

          sera Anna
          Sr. Awakener


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            Join us in the Dining Hall for the Finding Love Scavenger Hunt, going on now!

            ~sera Caillean~
            Junior Awakener


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              The Candlelight Soiree will begin momentarily! Bring your coin purses -- an auction is planned!