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Ardor Fest: Candy Courier orders

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  • Ardor Fest: Candy Courier orders

    The Guild of the Awakened will be accepting orders for special CANDY COURIERS for the duration of Ardor Fest. These special packages shall be delivered during the Candlelight Soiree (or, for those not in attendance, via normal courier the following day). There are three tiers of couriers that can be ordered, with three types each.

    The three types of gifts that can be delivered are platonic (suitable for a friend, sibling, or colleague whom you respect and love), flirtatious (one-sided love and affection), or romantic (suitable for individuals in a love-based relationship).

    Bronze Tier: FREE (limit two orders per person)
    Silver Tier: 10 coins/silver coin (no limit)
    Gold Tier: 50 coins/gold coin (no limit)

    Each package builds upon the previous tier, and contain items that reflect the type (platonic, flirtatious, or romantic) chosen. They can be sent with a personalized message and delivered anonymously if wished, though the Awakener will keep internal records until after the fest is over (at which time the records shall be purged).

    Since I have been asked why we will not take orders that are made anonymously to the guild, we require the orders to be signed so if there are troubles, we can communicate, and if there are complaints about harassment or inappropriate orders, we can assist the Royal Army in sorting the matter out.

    Persons wishing to make an order may do so by writing to or speaking with sera Anna.

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    Attention: A Thor's day special - buy two gold-tier candy couriers and you will can order a silver candy courier at half-price!

    sera Anna
    Sr. Awakener


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      Due to overwhelming demand, we cannot accept any more candy couriers.

      sera Anna


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        Good denizens,
        The Guild of the Awakened would like to thank its many supporters. We did not expect such demand for the candy couriers! In total we have had nearly 110 orders!

        This does cause a small problem for us as we have more couriers than we do items to fill them with, so bear with us. We should have all couriers delivered by Mon's evening.

        Thank you,
        sera Anna