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Let's Fold Paper!

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  • Let's Fold Paper!

    Let's Fold Paper!

    All are invited to join me in the Refectory at the Sixth Late Bell this eve, as the Embinders introduce the art form known as Origami to the Castle. We will provide basic instruction in the art of folding paper to create assorted shapes. I will have designs for simple patterns to work with as well as pre-dyed sheets of our special paper to work with.

    Join us for an entertaining bell of conversation, art, and learning as we explore Origami and some of its possibilities.

    Meoris Rousseau

    Bodyservant to Lord Sicard Dunsany

    Head Librarian, Outer Bailey Library

    Senior Steward of the Treasury

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    This will be held again at 6 late bells in the Refectory on behalf of the Embinders. Basic instruction in the art of folding paper to create assorted shapes will be given, along with designs for simple patterns that can be duplicated. If you would rather free-form, that's perfectly fine too! Pre-dyed sheets will be available to aid you in bringing your imagination to life.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Apprentice Stylist
    Duelist Member
    Guildmistress of the Embinders
    Junior Equerry to her Ladyship Sinvy
    Mistress of Entertainments
    Royal Artist
    Seeker of the Faith
    Unity Thespian