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-Awakeners- Story Collection - Ends 1st day of the 6th moon, 19 YRA

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  • -Awakeners- Story Collection - Ends 1st day of the 6th moon, 19 YRA

    Written this 7th day of the fifth moon, 19YRA

    Once upon a time, in a realm called Marrach, a newly awakened had opened their eyes. The first thing they saw is their room, but the second they opened the door, they saw a realm of possibilities, just waiting for them. There was a castle to explore. With every turn, there was something new and surprising! New people, whom they had never seen before, offered a smile and a helping hand. Through their eyes, they watch people...learning about courtesy...learning about what is expected of them. With help from others, it became known that Her Majesty, Queen Vivienne, was right when she chose them. Her Majesty believes that all of us has potential and has given us all a second chance. We all have potential to be amazing. It is our choice, however, to decide who we would like to become.

    This is a story that we all share, however the experiences that each person has, they are all different!

    The Awakeners are holding a story collecting event, in which you are asked to write about the first experience that you remember here in Marrach. Please refrain from simple statements like 'I saw a cat'. Explain why this is something that you would choose to remember.

    These stories will be compiled into a book, and the title of the book will be determined at a later time.
    **Update** You will receive coins for your submissions.

    Please send your submissions by courier to sera Taite by the first day of the 6th moon, 19YRA.

    We look forward to hearing about your first memories of Marrach!

    Please see the scroll to the right to read the stories that people have submitted.
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