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ATTENTION: Duelist Society Members, Hopefuls, and Pledges

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  • ATTENTION: Duelist Society Members, Hopefuls, and Pledges

    While I have been able to tag in with many of you individually, it is imperative we meet as a Society in short order. To facilitate being able to pass on the information and allow each member the opportunity to chime in on the matters at hand, I request the following:

    1. Please send me a scroll no later than the 18th day to let me know your rough waking schedule for the week of 21st to 27th of the 5th Moon.

    2. In your scroll, please include your status with the brotherhood, ways in which you are currently involved in furthering the Duelists (if any), and whether you are in a position to take on further responsibilities. If you are interested in contributing in a deeper way, please share any ideas you may have (i.e. Hosting a weekly lecture/practice/social/meal/etc.)

    3. We will make every effort to create meeting times around your proposed schedule. It is important you attend one of the gatherings. If you cannot be present, I expect a missive explaining your absence so we can accommodate a private catch-up.

    We do not often hold feet to the fire, but it is critical you respond to this request. Failure to respond by the 18th will be a strong indication of a lack of commitment and will be treated as such.

    In Honor and Oath,

    Mark Trevayne

    [OOC: If you have RL schedule issues which prevent being present at any point next week, please feel free to PM me and we'll try to accommodate you!]

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