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  • Royal Inquisition Now Hiring

    Denizens of Castle Marrach,

    Be advised, the Royal Inquisition is looking for loyal denizens of the realm to add to its numbers in both official and unofficial capacities, in the roles of Inquisitor, Deputy Inquisitor and Informant.

    Those common denizens of the realm who keep an eye open for the Inquisition. This is a passive role with often no specific tasks expected of the informant other than to report things of interest of their own initiative, however a list of noteworthy activities is granted to the informant. On occasion an informant may be asked to look into something specific, but these tasks are occasional on an as-needed basis. Informants are not officially recognized as members of the Inquisition on the chain of being, but the Crown is made aware of their name and contributions to the Inquisition, with favor granted accordingly. Informants are paid with coin for information of note they bring to the Inquisition at the discretion of the Inquisitor Major.

    Deputy Inquisitors
    Scribes and assistants within the Inquisition, tasked with organizing and filing the numerous reports and maintaining the Inquisition's expansive information archives. For the most part, Deputy Inquisitors work under Royal Inquisitors in a secretarial role, ensuring that reports brought to the Royal Inquisitors are filed in the proper places and that the information database of the Inquisition is kept neat and orderly. Deputy Inquisitors are the lowest publicly acknowledged rank in the Inquisition and as such are unsuited for most informant work. They are granted a badge of office and sword bearing privileges, as well as a position on the 10th link of the chain of being.

    Are high ranked agents tasked with finding, hiring, and managing informants, reviewing the information they bring forth and giving them specific tasks to seek particular information when it is of interest to the Inquisition. Inquisitors are publicly acknowledged with a chain of office as well as an Inquisition issued weapon and the authority to open warrants and make arrests, and are acknowledged on the 8th link of the chain of being with the title of Inquisitor.

    Royal Inquisitor Major
    The head of the Royal Inquisition charged with overseeing the organization as a whole. The Major Inquisitor reports to the Lord Chancellor and Royal Family directly and manages all of the Inquisition's Royal Inquisitors, as well as his or her own network of informants.

    All interest parties should contact the Royal Inquisitor Major directly with their interest.

    At All Costs,
    Major V. Escobar
    Her Majesty's Inquisitor Major
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