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A message from Master Geoffry regarding food orders

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  • A message from Master Geoffry regarding food orders

    Dear Denizens of Castle Marrach,

    All individuals who have regularly scheduled weekly or moonly socials who need food and beverages for these events, please kindly send an update of these requests.

    With your requests, please include the following information:

    Date or Day of the Week of the Social,
    A brief explanation of the event and/or theme

    All Inner Bailey requests should be sent to Master Geoffry himself.
    Any Outer Bailey requests, may be sent to myself, sera Miette.

    Posted on behalf of Master Geoffry,
    - Miette
    Miette D'Laurent
    Student Cook

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    All INDIVIDUALS who have REGULARLY scheduled weekly OR moonly SOCIALS who need FOOD and beverages for THESE events, PLEASE send an UPDATE of these requests.

    With your REQUESTS, include the FOLLOWING information:

    Date or DAY of the WEEK of the Social
    TIME that the SOCIAL bell is BEING held
    A BRIEF explanation of the EVENT and/or THEME

    All INNER BAILEY requests SHOULD be sent to MYSELF, Master Geoffry.
    Any OUTER BAILEY requests should be DIRECTED to sera SETSUNA.

    - Master Cook Geoffry