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  • Lost Tea Tray

    I seem to be missing my tea tray - it is made of a black iron and had a variety of drinks inside. There was also an antique water-sprite figurine on it that I tend to use for my Courtly dance classes.

    If you happen to find it, or have found it already, and could return it to me, I would be grateful.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance,
    Apprentice Stylist
    Duelist Member
    Guildmistress of the Embinders
    Junior Equerry to her Ladyship Sinvy
    Mistress of Entertainments
    Royal Artist
    Seeker of the Faith
    Unity Thespian

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    The missing figurine is special to the Mistress as it reminds her of a favorite memory and is something that cannot be easily replaced. If you find these, please return the tray and figurine to Mistress Josie.

    -- Taite
    Taite Morrison
    - Seeker in Natura Balanus
    - Senior Awakener
    - Unity
    - Junior Page
    - Seamstress In-Training
    - Battle Guild