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  • Lost Tea Tray

    I seem to be missing my tea tray - it is made of a black iron and had a variety of drinks inside. There was also an antique water-sprite figurine on it that I tend to use for my Courtly dance classes.

    If you happen to find it, or have found it already, and could return it to me, I would be grateful.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance,
    Acolyte of the Faith
    Embinders Hobbyist
    Head of Household for her Ladyship Sinvy
    Lead Apprentice Stylist - Inner Bailey
    Mistress of Entertainments
    Patron of the Duelists
    Royal Artist
    Ranger Recruit
    Squire to Dame Galatea

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    The missing figurine is special to the Mistress as it reminds her of a favorite memory and is something that cannot be easily replaced. If you find these, please return the tray and figurine to Mistress Josie.

    -- Taite
    Taite Morrison
    - Seeker in Natura Balanus
    - Assistant Guild Leader of the Awakeners
    - Unity
    - Junior Page
    - Senior Seamstress
    - Battle Guild
    - Sculptor in the College of the Humanities