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Treasury Update - Form Submissions

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  • Treasury Update - Form Submissions

    The Treasury shall be making adjustments to the coin earning process to enhance the value upon it's wares and to maintain it's original vision of spurring activity Castle Wide. Below find a brief outline of the guidelines for submitting forms. (Items in bold are new updates)
    • Forms for guild or groups may only be submitted by individuals registered with the Treasury to do so
    • Guilds and Groups may submit unlimited number of forms per week
    • Individuals** may only be listed as host on 3 forms per week
    • If you are listed as a host of an event, you cannot also be an attendee or crafter of the event. These are all implied under the host label and are factored into the hosting pay
    • Forms must be submitted on time or they will be thrown out. No exceptions
    Please review the Treasury Policies and Guidelines for further information and greater detail.

    ** An Individual may only be listed as host on 3 forms per week, no matter for which Guild, Group, etc. This is to allow events to be hosted by as many different individuals as possible, as well as a preventative measure for any one or two individuals running all of the events and earning all of the available coin. At this time we are not making any judgement or statement against any specific individual, however, it is our job to ensure His Highness' original vision and encourage ALL denizens to be deeply involved in Castle life. An individual is not limited to the amount of events they can attend, however.

    Any questions or concerns on the information above should be sent to myself.
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