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Cards with Karli on Frey's Days

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  • Cards with Karli on Frey's Days

    Hello deinizens! It is I, Arthur the page boy, here to tell you that sera Karli will be hosting Cards with Karli again this Frey's day, the 15th of the 6th moon at 5 late bells.

    She will be teaching the game of 99, which is a really neat game which brings everyone together.

    So come one, come all. The more the merrier at Cards with Karli!

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    [brought to the foreground by a helpful page boy]
    This is tonight!


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      [brought to the foreground by a helpful page boy]
      Come and enjoy the game of "Snap" with Karli and others!


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        [brougth to the fore by a young page boy]
        This will be tomorrow again! Come at 5 LB ready to play the game of Scat!


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          Due to the timing of the Ice Sculpture Exhibit by sera Taite, Cards with Karli is being moved to Saturn's day this week. It will occur at 5 LB on Saturn's day, the fourteenth day of the seventh moon.

          The game we will play is called "Card Bingo."


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            Dear denizens,
            I apologize for being lax with my card and dice games. This Frey's day, I plan to continue them with the game of Card Bingo. If you have a vote for next week's card or dice game, please send it to me via courier. I'm also currently working on a dice games book, so look out for that!

            see you all Frey's Day at five late bells!


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              *posted by a page boy*
              This week's game will be Humbug. How fun!


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                Tomorrow at five late, we will be learning the game of Snowflakes! Come join us and have fun while enjoying refreshments provided by the Awakeneers.