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    OOC: Rumors are slippery things. Truths, half-truths, or out-right lies: who can tell? Nevertheless, they are good seeds for roleplay, so have fun.

    Want to spread a rumor? Give your plot a kick by spreading a juicy nugget of information (or misinformation) anonymously by simply typing: @rumor "[insert your rumor here]" in your parser.

    Please do not respond to rumors in this thread. Start a new thread if you want to comment on one of the posted rumors or - better yet - do it ICly in the game.
    -StoryPlotter Yuuta

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    Rumors has it that Aratan postponed the wedding again in hopes that Euphelia would die in the binding. Now that she's survived, he'll have to think of another excuse to put it off.

    I heard that if the Prince doesn't marry the Princess, all of Marrach will fall into slumber! Which Prince? Well, one of them already is sort of slumbering...

    Lately, many denizens have reported feelings spied upon in the Royal Library.

    Ever wonder why the trees in the Royal Gardens look like they're dying? It's because someone strips bark off them to use for 'painting'!

    I heard Lady Charmiam is free of the shackles of the societal expectations! Fly free bird. Fly free.

    Mistress Adeline is very fond of dirty limericks, and often asks to hear them at her brunches on the bridge landing!

    Remember when the moths appeared and shredded lots of old, out-of-style clothing? The Court remembers.

    It has been entirely too quiet, lately. I swear I saw a shadow woman slip by me the other day, and just as I focused my gaze, she was gone. I hope we aren't caught unawares when they all attack again...

    There seems to be a disturbingly high amount of discussion of the seasons, lately. Wishful thinking, or is treason really so rampant?

    That Master Pete really is a ladies' man!

    The castle appears to have quite a bit more bees buzzing about its halls. I wonder how likely they are to sting if agitated?

    Did you hear that someone left a bunch of sunflowers on The Lord Chancellor's doorstep? Do they not know he has people employed specifically to solve these little "mysteries"?

    There's a member of Court who loves to spend time in the stables, sorting through the rodent nests. Who? I'm sure you can just visit and find out!

    The Flame Festival has certainly brought out the baser nature in people. Folks breezing past chasing blazing rodents, ignoring all respect and decorum!

    Rumor has it that the reason Brohm died in his duel against Trevayne on first strike was no accident. Mark Trevayne is not the sort to strike "accidentally". I wonder what the real motive was?

    The only Knight the lower ranks can socialize with is Dame Hannah. Why? Because she connects to them on their level.

    I heard the Rememberers were trying to talk Victor into doing a session to uncover his memories of yore, particularly those relating to Rumiss and... other things tha must not be named. What will they uncover, should he yield sober replies between flasks of dwarven ale?

    It has been over a year since His Excellency has vowed to make progress on the health of His Highness. Has anyone heard word since?

    The Chambers used to allow HouseHold sponsored events to be held no further than the Bridge, but now noble trays are being carried around the Outer with fine wines and delicacies far above what rank they are intended for. You know what they say about "too much of a good thing"?

    I hear the Inquisition now has its informants report on court members who spend all the time in the Outer Bailey. I can think of a few particular courtiers and or higher that might suffer from that.

    I heard sera Finna can make rainbows appear! What sort of strange, treasonous magic is this?!

    The Knights Errant are only Knights because the Queen didn't want them to cry about it. If they were real Knights, they'd have opted to redo the Challenge and prove it!

    Did you see the Toymaker gnome, Juniper, with the young Princess Maeveen? They were giving toy bears to all of the denizens who wanted them, inviting them to make their own toys in the likeness of themselves and others! With rumors abound of the possible power she could have, one wonders what she plans to do with these strange toys.
    -StoryPlotter Yuuta


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      Speaking of the Princess Maeveen, have you SEEN her? ABSOLUTELY adorable! Her hair is a strange color too. I wonder who her father is?

      Two trials recently held, those of Eloren and Tatch. Supporters of the Shadows are being dispensed of rather quickly by the Queen's Justice, let those enemies of Her Realm beware!

      Lord Sicard appears to be showing a distinct interest in the recent Squires; could a Knight's Challenge be around the corner?

      That gnome toy machine sure has been acting up lately... It even took a few people's coins!

      Wolves in the Theater?! I swear I heard howling when I was cleaning the other day...

      The Dames Eeva and Galatea have been holding Virtue discussions weekly in the refectory. Even Wendy seems to be paying attention! Or she could be casing for potential customers!

      The clash of swords has left one Mistress bruised and battered, with the unintentional smack of another's attack! Thank goodness Diana was there!

      Speaking of the Healers, Doctor Dolph appeared quite conflicted the other evening, before a discussion about "change". Something, however, cleared his eyes.

      I saw Kobe chasing rats in the Inner. Yes, the Inner!

      -StoryPlotter Yuuta