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The Office of Heralds is Hiring Pursuivant Heralds

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  • The Office of Heralds is Hiring Pursuivant Heralds

    The Office of Heraldry would like to announce that we will be hiring between four and six pursuivant heralds to begin their training in the heraldic arts.

    This is open to honored guests or courtiers. Applicants should present one letter of intent and two letters of recommendation (one of which should be from a peer or member of the chivalry).

    All applicants will be thoroughly vetted, so potential issues should be addressed in your letter of intent.

    These three documents should be packaged and sent to Lord Vestio directly.

    For those not eligible for the position or for those that simply have an interest in learning more, we would like to announce the creation of the Society for the Study and Practice of the Heraldic Arts. More information will be shared about the society in later posts.

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    ~Elora Winslet~


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