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Jeweler Guidelines: A Reminder

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  • Jeweler Guidelines: A Reminder

    Writ this 13th Day of the 7th Moon, 19th YRA.


    It has been brought to my attention that certain denizens need a brushing up on the Jewelry Guidelines. So, here they are:
    • What the Jeweler's Control: Jewelry, Gems and Metals.
    • Gifted/Formal Jewelry: If one is gifted an item above their rank, they may wear said item to formal events only. If one owns a set of jewelry above their rank, they may only wear them for formal events only. Sponsored Jewelry orders from a Noble, Knight are for formal events only, not for everyday.There is NO exception to this rule, unless there is written permission from a member of the Royal Family.
    • Orders: All orders must be dated and signed. Otherwise they go into the chute. You may only order jewelry within your rank/guidelines.
    • Custom Orders: These go the Royal Jeweler (ooc: be aware that some custom items MAY require Storypoints).
    • Gifts: Gifted items may only be chosen from the gifter's rank (ie: An honored guest may only order gifts from the honored guest allotment).
    • Guild Vestment Orders: These go to the Royal Jeweler and must be accompanied with a permission letter from the leader of the group/guild.
    • Courtesy: Ordering jewelry is a privilege not a right. Mind your manners.
    • Engagement and Wedding Rings: Written permission is required from the Lord Chamberlain or the Master Secretary.
    • Teaching Badges: Written permission is required from the Lord Chamberlain or the Master Secretary.
    • Exotic and Rare Jewelries/Piercings: These are pieces either provided by the Conclave to the Royal Jeweler, or granted as items of favor and may not be ordered

    Lillian-Rose Annabella Grace (aka "Lilly")
    * Courtier
    * Royal Jeweler
    * Chief Scribe of the Chambers