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Notice from the Royal Cook: Regarding Orders

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  • Notice from the Royal Cook: Regarding Orders

    The Master Cook would like to politely remind individuals requesting orders for food to please do so with a missive that include the following important information, at least two weeks in advance of their scheduled event date:

    Current Date
    Date of Event
    Time of Event
    Requested Foods

    In service,
    ~Initiate Sorceress
    ~Courtier of the Winter Court
    ~Apprentice Cook to the Master Chef
    ~Scribe of the Royal Chambers

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    This APPLIES to ALL requests for FOOD and is in FULL effect. If you do NOT follow the PROCESS and give all the INFORMATION on the order FORM then you MAY be subject to DISFAVOR and NOT receive any FOOD at all.

    INNER BAILEY orders AND any CUSTOM orders should be sent directly to ME.
    OUTER BAILEY orders should be SENT to sera SETSUNA.

    PLEASE note that a Courtier ORDERING for an Outer FUNCTION does not RETAIN access to ORDERING Inner Bailey FOODS for said FUNCTION. ONLY foods from the Outer GUIDELINES will be SERVED at Outer EVENTS. Similarly, a COMMONER trying to ORDER foods for an Inner Bailey FUNCTION will be UNABLE to order from ANYTHING but the Outer Bailey MENU.

    All wines MUST be REQUESTED through the CELLARS. All SPIRITS such as WHISKEY or VODKA are controlled by the CONCLAVE and must be REQUESTED through ser ATMOS.

    Thank you for YOUR attention to THESE matters.

    - Master Cook Geoffry


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      Please NOTE that all orders for the COOKS should be SENT to me for the TIME being. If you have SENT any to Mistress SETSUNA in the past WEEK or two PLEASE forward a COPY of your REQUEST to me as SOON as possible so THAT I can make CERTAIN they are FILLED at the TIME needed.

      Thank YOU.

      - Master Cook Geoffry



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