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Her Majesty's Royal Court: 16th Day of the 9th Moon

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  • Her Majesty's Royal Court: 16th Day of the 9th Moon

    Writ this Eleventh Day of the Eighth Moon, Nineteenth Year of Recent Awakenings.

    To the Denizens of Castle Marrach,

    I am pleased to announce that the date for Royal Court has been set! It will be held on the Sixteenth Day of the Ninth Moon at the Fourth Late Bell. If you are of the appropriate rank of courtier and above or a guild leader, you may submit a petition. Blank petitions may be found in a box located outside the Office of Chambers. All petitions should be turned in to the Chambers by the Twenty-Sixth Day of the Eighth Moon, at which time, all commentary on the current petitions will be accepted until the Ninth Day of the Ninth Moon.

    As per usual, Royal Court will be held in the Throne Room. All guests should arrive an hour prior to the beginning of Court. If you are uncertain on Court protocol or if you have any other questions, please seek the Office of the Chambers.

    In Service to the Crown,

    Honored Guest
    Royal Librarian
    Royal Purse Bearer
    Lead Apprentice Jeweler
    Handmaiden to Her Majesty
    Assistant Dean of the Royal Collegium

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    Writ this 13th Day of the 8th Moon, 19th YRA.

    Good Denizens,

    Please direct all petitions to either myself, Mistress Lilly, or Mistress Kamilah. We will keep them filed to present to the Lord Chamberlain during his Bells.

    Thank you.
    Lillian-Rose Annabella Grace (aka "Lilly")
    * Courtier
    * Royal Jeweler
    * Chief Scribe of the Chambers