Hosted by Mistresses Josie and Adeline

The Royal Library and the Mistress of Entertainments are pleased to announce the Might and Magic Ball of Fantastical Deities.
This Ball will be held in the Avalon Ballroom on the 20th Day of the 10th Moon at the 8th Late Bell.

We invite the Inner Bailey to join us at this Goddesses and Gods costume Ball as we celebrate life and the unique powers we each possess.
The Winter Court and their servants are encouraged to don your costumes and create your own goddess or god persona.

Please be advised that this event is -only- for the Winter Court and denizens that serve in a Household.
All other denizens will unfortunately be turned away.

All attendees are asked to RSVP ahead of time with the inclusion of which goddess or god you have chosen to pursue.
This is to avoid multiple denizens choosing the same character.

OOC: As asked by staff, please avoid using names of gods and goddesses from roman mythology. For example, do not use Loki, Apollo, Aphrodite and so on.

GODLY GAMES: 16th Day to the 18th Day of the 10th Moon
Three game events will be held leading up to the Ball to test our potential deities in various forms of prowess.

Ballroom Blitz - Strength/Endurance Tournament: 16th day, 10th moon (Tuis) - IB Ballroom at 7LB
Mental Acumen - Chess Tournament: 17th day, 10th moon (Wodens) - Upper floor Royal Library sitting room from at 5LB
Trivial Pursuit - Castle Trivia Contest: 18th day, 10th moon (Thors) - Upper floor Royal Library sitting room at 7LB

FEAST FOR THE GODS: 19th Day of the 10th Moon
Prior to the Ball, we will host a feast for the Winter Court to dine like true goddesses and gods.

A Fantastical Feast: 19th day, 10th moon (Freys) - IB Banquet Hall at 7LB