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  • Courtship

    After walking beside one another for moons in the honor of shared duty and mission, as well as the pursuit of a deeply personal partnership, it is with sincere contentment that Mistress Josie Brennan and I seek to make public our courtship. We are appreciative of the support of the Society we held in common, our friends and confidantes, and the denizenry at large.

    I pen this more aware than ever of how fortunate I am to share the days to come with this outstanding woman and remain grateful she looked in my direction.

    By My Hand,

    Mark Trevayne

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    A very hearty congratulations!

    Royal Librarian
    Handmaiden to Her Majesty
    Lead Apprentice Jeweler
    Mistress of Coin
    Courtier of the Winter Court


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      Splendid News! Congratulations. May you spend endless happy days walking together.
      Mistress Tristana

      Member of Her Majesty's Court
      Aide for the Healers
      Patron of the Embinders
      Aide of the Chambers


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        I extend my congratulations to Mark Trevayne and Mistress Josie. May they enjoy the fruits of their relationship eternally.

        Squire to Dame Eeva
        Equerry to Lady Rayna
        Lead Royal Page
        Rangers Recruit
        Embinders Apprentice
        Honored Guest
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