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Tea with Duchess Oriana, Please RSVP

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  • Tea with Duchess Oriana, Please RSVP

    Duchess Oriana requests that any women of the Court who desire to attend the tea that she is hosting please send her a notice by the 9th day, Frey's, of this moon.

    Ladies attending may bring any seras in their House, and one armed escort. Those who will be in attendance should be in the Outer Bailey cupola by half past the ninth late bell, as the tea begins at the 10th late bell. Those invited by Princess Maeveen are requested to be present at half past the ninth bell as well, so all may be given provided transport.
    There will be a table set for escorts whom are sers, so they may also enjoy a savoury taste of food and drink aside.

    The dress is to be Semi-formal.
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