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Artistic Endeavors: IB Sketching/Painting Classes

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  • Artistic Endeavors: IB Sketching/Painting Classes

    For members of the Court and those with Inner Bailey access, Mistress Ezraella and I will begin holding art classes next Thors, the 15th of this moon, at 10 late bells in the Inner Bailey pavilion. Supplies will be provided to those in attendance along with instruction starting at the beginner level and then progressing at a rate determined by the readiness and successful understanding of participants.

    We look forward to seeing you all next week for our first steps into the world of sketching!

    On behalf of her Ladyship Sinvy and Her Royal Majesty's Households,

    Acolyte Natura of the Faith
    Head of Household for her Ladyship Sinvy
    Leader of the Stylists
    Mistress of Entertainments
    Ordained Knight
    Patron of the Duelists
    Royal Artist
    Ranger Recruit