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Assistant to Lady Charmiam

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  • Assistant to Lady Charmiam

    Seeking Assistant to Lady Charmiam

    Her Ladyship, Lady Charmiam seeks a clerical assistant to aid with general correspondence and filing.

    No rank is required for this role though an ability to speak and write clearly is essential.

    Direct your application to ser Kaspar and include the following:

    Length of time awake,
    current affiliations,
    why you'd suit the position,
    any relevant information relating to your application.

    Positive exposure to high ranking members of the Royal Court
    Tuition in Her Ladyship's native tongue of Northern
    Sponsorship for garb suitable for such a position

    Note that while this is not a household position, access to the Inner Bailey can be arranged.

    In Service
    Ser Kaspar

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    *this notice brought to the fore*


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      *Brought to the front by a helpful page*
      Taite Morrison
      - Seeker in Natura Balanus
      - Assistant Guild Leader of the Awakeners
      - Unity
      - Junior Page
      - Senior Seamstress
      - Battle Guild
      - Sculptor in the College of the Humanities


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        Good Denizens,

        This application period will be drawing to a close in the next few days, and interviews will be held with the applicants in the new year.

        Any last applications please direct them to myself, Ser Kaspar.

        For House Charmiam,
        Ser Kaspar