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Outer Sculpture Exhibit - 25th day of the first moon at 5 Late

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  • Outer Sculpture Exhibit - 25th day of the first moon at 5 Late

    Written this 4th day of the 1st moon, 20YRA

    On the 25th day of the first moon, with the support of the Collegium, I will be holding an outer sculpture exhibit. This exhibit will feature not only snow sculptures, like I had done in the past, but I will also showcase wooden and clay sculptures that I have created.

    Starting at five late, I will have the exhibit set up in the
    lecture hall. Food and drinks will be served.. You will be free to look around at the sculptures and socialize with others.

    Around six late, we will create small sculptures with snow. If you do not know how to sculpt with snow, I will happily teach you. After these sculptures have been created, we will not only share stories about our sculptures, but each sculpture that is created can be placed within the exhibit. Together, we will celebrate our amazing sculpture exhibit with a poetry reading. Everyone is free to bring their favorite (appropriate) poem to share.

    I look forward to not only showing you the sculptures that I have created, but I also look forward to seeing everyone work together to create an even more amazing sculpture exhibit.

    Let's make this an experience to remember!

    Student in the College of Humanities
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