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Stylist Fashion Show - Inner Salon 7 Late

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  • Stylist Fashion Show - Inner Salon 7 Late

    Written this 11th day of the 1st moon, 20th YRA

    The new year means NEW HAIRSTYLES!

    If you are interested in seeing the new hairstyles the Hairstylists now have to offer, feel free to join us in the Inner Salon at 7 late. You may see a new hairstyle you ADORE!

    We look forward to modeling and showing these hairstyles to all members of the court.

    We hope to see you there!

    Royal Page (and model)

    *Brings forward Mistress Ezraella's scroll, too.*
    Taite Morrison
    - Seeker in Natura Balanus
    - Assistant Guild Leader of the Awakeners
    - Unity
    - Junior Page
    - Senior Seamstress
    - Battle Guild
    - Sculptor in the College of the Humanities