For those that have wondered why I have not been out and about, I have been writing a play. I note that no one complained about my previous play so I considered that encouragement to continue writing them.

The title I have settled on is "The Dover Knights of Castle Marrach."

If you are interested in taking part and seeing if you can act, please send either myself or sera Finna a scroll.

The parts are as follows:

Sir Tom, Sir Dick, and Sir Larry -- The Dover Knights.
ser Backslide -- An unsavory ser that despises the Knights.
some random ser -- He wanders about randomly.
a bartender/barmaid -- What it implies.
a courier/page -- Again, what it implies.
Lady Standpipe -- a Noble Lady.

I might change Lady Standpipe's name as it sounds a bit too unusual to me, but I can be persuaded to keep it as it is.

All inquiries should be sent to sera Finna or me...

Ser Robert.

(OOC: If you get the reference, then don't spoil it for everyone else. :P )