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Royal Library Book Contest: 15th Day of the 3rd Moon

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  • Royal Library Book Contest: 15th Day of the 3rd Moon

    ~*~~* Fear and Terror *~~*~

    Greetings and wondrous delights to you, denizens. The Royal Library is delighted
    to bring forth a contest of words and tales to be had, in the expectation of horror.
    It is requested but not required that tales submitted be more aligned to the idea pertaining to absolute, stark feelings of fear.
    All submissions are asked to be a minimum of -7- pages long, but may be longer if desired.
    As always, please keep writings within appropriate and tasteful nature.
    You may enter more than once, but may only win once.
    All entries must be sent to myself before the end of the 15th Day, of the 3rd Moon 20YRA
    To First place: Shall receive 300 coins, and writing materials above their rank.

    To Second place: Shall receive 200 coins and writing materials within their own rank.

    To Third place: Shall receive 100 coins as well a quill and ink set.

    All placed winners shall have their work read at a Royal Library bell, to be enjoyed.
    The book in which these tales will be placed will then find a comfortable home in the Libraries.

    ~*~~* Good Luck, and unleash for our eyes a tale of absolute fear *~~*~

    -From the Royal Library,

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    Greetings and wondrous delight!

    The winners for the competition of Fear and Terror are as below, please congratulate all authors
    who participated and shared with us! Each story will be available soon in the libraries to enjoy.

    First Place - Sera Mallegra

    Second Place - Sera Kona

    Third Place - Yeoman Vaden

    Fourth Place - Nurse Diana

    Thank you all for sharing such great tales with us. Please, write on and inspire us more.


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      Congratulations to each of you!

      ~Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry~


      Royal Librarian
      Handmaiden to Her Majesty
      Lead Apprentice Jeweler
      Lady Treasurer (acting)
      Courtier of the Winter Court