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The Forms of Poetry & Tea

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  • SeraAdeline
    started a topic The Forms of Poetry & Tea

    The Forms of Poetry & Tea

    The Forms of Poetry & Tea

    Today I thought of a way to include everyone in the Poetry & Tea event held by the libraries even if you cannot physically be there. Each week I will post the poetry forms the libraries use so that you may try them on your own for fun. In fact, you can place each of your poems in a book for the library and be paid for it! What does it hurt to try?

    Please remember that castle made poetry forms can be found on the public boards under
    Marrachian Poetry. All submissions of new forms may be sent to myself to be added. Also there will be the weekly winners of thePoetry & Tea of both the Inner and the Outer Bailey.

    Inner Bailey Bell: Tue's Day's at the Eighth Late Bell in the Royal Library
    Outer Bailey Bell: Tue's Day's at the Tenth Late Bell in the Outer Library

  • SeraAdeline
    This Week: The Shadow Sonnet

    Rule #1: Must have 14 Lines
    Rule #2: The beginning and ending word of each line must be identical or homophonic.
    Rule #3: Must have 9 or 10 syllables in each line.
    Rule #4: Poem must follow an abab cdcd efef gg rhyme scheme.

    If you wish your poem shared here, please send it to me once completed!


    Do you feel the same way that I do?
    Joy overflowing, the need to share Joy?
    To make everyone laugh, even you too?
    Coy we are not, we shine bright like a koi!

    Silence as I brood against the silence.
    Not time for joy, it has time for me not.
    Violence within, turns to Violence.
    Wrought my inner soul has been turned to rot.

    Laughter can cure your heart's lost laughter.
    Free from torture, you can live to be free.
    After what I did, there's no after.
    Being punished is what is right for my being.

    Rejoice, for you can be happy. Rejoice!
    Choice is there, but you must make the right choice.

    Written by: Ser Kobe

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