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The Awakeners Ardor Festival: Outer Bailey

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  • The Awakeners Ardor Festival: Outer Bailey

    Day One: 3rd Day of the 2nd Moon

    Opening Brunch, 11th Early Bell - Refectory: This will be the opening social to the Ardor Festival, here we will come together and discuss the idea of love, friendship, and respect as we dine in delicious foods served by the cooks.

    Heart-Shaped Cookie Creation, 6th Late Bell - Dining Hall: In this event, we will be decorating tasty cookies with our own hands and then gifting them to those we care for. Cookies are edible.

    Day Two: 4th Day of the 2nd Moon

    Romantic Paintings, 4th Late Bell - Theatre:As the name mentions, this event is dedicated to those who wish to capture their love in a painting. Mistress Ezraella, Handmaiden and Alumni to both the Unity and Awakeners, has agreed to honor us with her painting skills. To join in, you simply need to attend.

    Romantic Dance Class, 6th Late Bell - Theatre: In the same location as the painting, Mistress Josie, the Mistress of Entertainments, has crafted a new dance for romantic pairings. Come learn the art of love through dance.

    Romantic Game Night, 9th Late Bell - Refectory: As we finally end the day, we will have a casual game for couples. We will test how well you know your partners for a spectacular prize. Only one couple can win!

    Day Two: 5th Day of the 2nd Moon

    Platonic Paintings, 1st Late Bell - Theatre: In this social, Mistress Ezraella will once again display her artistic prowess as she puts the memory of your friendship to canvas for you to always have and fondly look upon.

    Platonic Dance Class, 6th Late Bell - Theatre: This class is also dedicated to a new dance created by the Mistress of Entertainments. Know that dance does not always need to be of love to be enjoyed. Come all no matter your romantic status and join us in fun and dance.

    Platonic Game Night, 9th Late Bell - Refectory: Put your friendship to the test and work together to win the ultimate prize. In this game we will see just how much you know about your castle and friend, you can only join a pair.

    Ardor Week Poetry Bell, 11th Late Bell - OB Library: The Librarians have put together cozy event and contest for denizens. There you will learn about poetry and how it can be used to express your emotions be it romantic or platonic. Join in for the fun and you will not regret it.

    Day Two: 6th Day of the 2nd Moon

    Treasure Hunt, 4th Late Bell - OB Courtyard: This event consists of a game where denizens will each be given a scroll with clues to find specific items in the castle. The first team to find these items will be given a prize. You have until the seventh late bell to get each item and can only team up in groups of three.

    Sack Race, 9th Late Bell - Practice Hall: This event will require you to pair up in teams for a race in the practice hall using sacks. One person will race the northern wall and then come back and trade their sack with their partner who will in turn repeat the action. The team that finishes first will be the winners.

    Day Two: 7th Day of the 2nd Moon

    Statuette Carving, 1st Late Bell - Refectory: The Carpenters will be hosting a bell where you will be allowed to carve your own statuette and present it as a gift for a romantic or platonic loved one.

    Jewelry Tiles, 4th Late Bell - Crafting Hall: The Jewelry Tiles are hosted by the Jewelers and you will have the chance to create unique image tiles using decorative gemstones.

    Bouquet Crafting, 7th Late Bell - Garden Suite: We give thanks to the Gardeners Society for willingly allowing denizens of the Outer Bailey to partake in bouquet crating. These can be kept or given to another as a gift.

    Card Crafting, 9th Late Bell - Refectory: In this social we will be designing our very own cards that you can color and detail to your liking. After, we will encourage you all to place a platonic or romantic poem on the cards and gift them to others.

    Day Two: 8th Day of the 2nd Moon

    Ice Skating, 1st Late Bell - OB Courtyard: As we near the end of the festival, a nice day of skating with friends and partners is a good way to relax before moving on to the other social that mark the conclusion of Ardor Week.

    Chess Tournament, 4th Late Bell - Sunset Room: Put your brain to the test and join in our chess tournament. We will accept anyone who attends the event and will use three chess boards if needed to quickly get through the event and crown our singular winner.

    Builder Bear Creation, 7th Late Bell - Refectory: Mistress Juniper, Master of all Toy Crafts has agreed to return her bears once more. Join her as she gives us the gift of creating our own bears to gift to those we love.

    Day Two: 9th Day of the 2nd Moon

    Duelist Tournament, 1st Late Bell - Practice Hall: The Duelists will be hosting an ardor tournament in the practice hall, rebated weapons will be used and ribbons will be available for those wanting to favor fighters. No matter your skill with the blade, this tournament was crafted so that you may literally fight for what you love and or believe in.

    Closing Feast, 5th Late Bell - Dining Hall: This will be a grand feast to mark the ending of the festival, come prepared to dine big as the cooks will prepare a delicious meal for us all.

    Ardor Ball, 9th Late Bell - Theatre: The Ardor Ball will be the final chapter for the festival this year, there we will listen to music, have a light meal, and enjoy the entertainment. You may come as you are regarding clothing. Formal wear is suggested, but not required. Small tokens will be given as a gift for joining and you will have the opportunity to share your favorite memory of last year as well as craft a bracelet for your loved ones. The memories will be placed in luxurious books and gifted to Her Majesty, should you wish to bring a gift for the Royal Family we will have a trunk available. All will be left in the care of the lovely Handmaidens to give to our honored Royals. This is to remind everyone that no matter where you are in life romantically, you will always have the love of Her Majesty and She in return will too have our love and loyalty. Forever May She Reign.

    For updates on Ardor Week, please keep an eye on the schedule so fantastically crafted by Mistress Setsuna and the Chambers.

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      This will begin tomorrow.


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        The cookie crafting event commences at the sixth late bell.


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          Happy Tui's!

          Spend some time with that special someone with romance-themed events.
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            The final romantic social for this day commences at the ninth late bell.


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              This day of the ardor festival is dedicated to platonic love for friends, family, and guild members. Join us for a day of painting, dancing, and games.


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                Today we will have two more contests for those who care to play. See the above.


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                  Today will be about crafting for your platonic and romantic loved ones. Please be respectful to the crafters who are giving us their time this day.


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                    We are near the end of the festival, but there is still more fun to be had and things to win. Today consists of ice skating which can be done throughout the day as you like, then a chess tournament, and finally settling down for some bear creations with Mistress Juniper. I hope you enjoy the events should you be able to make it.


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                      *pinned lightly by a page boy*

                      Also do not forget! Origami Class by the Embinders is happening Right NOW!
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                        Tonight! Tonight!
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                        Member of Her Majesty's Court
                        Aide for the Healers
                        Patron of the Embinders
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                          Please join us at the fifth late bell for the closing feast of the Ardor Festival, this meal has been perfected by impressive cooks. The meal will be in the dining hall until the seventh late bell. After, the final event of the festival is the Ardor Ball. Come dressed in your finest or just yourself, all are welcome to attend no matter their clothing style or romantic relationship. Those wishing to bring gifts for Her Majesty should do so. I look forward to seeing you all there.