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Notice of Sentence Rendered: CARLA

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  • Notice of Sentence Rendered: CARLA

    23D 1M 20YRA

    Hear ye, denizens of Castle Marrach,

    Let it be known that for the crime of Bloody Assault x 2 [3.1.19], sera Carla is to have her head struck two times from her shoulders;


    In accordance with the will of the Crown and the Chancery, for the crime of Treason [3.1.01A], the convicted is to be exiled indefinitely from the halls of Castle Marrach, to be treated as a foreign invader and struck down should they ever attempt to return.

    May this serve as a warning and a lesson in Justice to all who might seek to subvert the peace and order of the Realm.

    **Bearing the official mark and seal of the Office of Chancery**

    Sorcery Initiate
    Secretary to His Excellency, Lord Boreas
    Adjutant Prosecutor, Chancery
    Lead Inner Apprentice, Clothiers