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~* The Mystery of Tea Leaves *~

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  • ~* The Mystery of Tea Leaves *~

    ~* The Mystery of Tea Leaves *~

    Lord Vestio is conducting a survey involving tea leaves and asks the residents of Her Majesty's castle to submit by courier the following:

    1 - Symbols
    shown in the dregs of the teacup after drinking.
    2 - Your interpreted meaning of any symbols shown in the tea dregs.
    3 - The date, time and place of your tea reading.

    Please note that a tea reading must be done using proper (loose) tea, and not the tea made with

    The proper way to read tea leaves once the cup is consumed is to turn it three times in your hand and then consider the results of any symbols shown in the tea dregs.

    Please send your correspondance directly to Lord Vestio.

    Squire to Dame Eeva
    Equerry to Lady Rayna
    Lead Royal Page
    Senior Steward of the Treasury
    Rangers Recruit
    Embinders Apprentice
    Honored Guest
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